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Welcome to The Learning Cottage Playgroup and Preschool in Borivali, Mumbai

Playgroup Details

Ignite Your Child's Pre-primary school Journey at The Learning Cottage Playgroup and Play School

Why Choose The Learning Cottage Playgroup and Preschool?

At The Learning Cottage, we offer exceptional early childhood education tailored for children aged 1.5 to 2.5 years. Our playgroup and preschool programs are designed to foster cognitive development, social skills, and overall growth through a comprehensive and nurturing environment. Playgroups can also help young children start developing skills they need for kindergarten and school, like learning to share, taking turns, making friends and being part of a group.

Parents of toddlers are often eager to provide their children with the best possible start in their educational journey. Understanding the innate curiosity and exploration tendencies of toddlers, we at The Learning Cottage have designed our playgroup curriculum to foster and support these natural inclinations.

Educational Philosophy and Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Children in the playgroup age are identified as toddlers, a phase marked by innate curiosity and exploration. The Learning Cottage’s age-appropriate curriculum plays an important role in helping children continue their exploration. Our curriculum is designed in a way that it supports numeracy, literacy, and language development in a fun and engaging way. We believe that a strong foundation in these early years is crucial for success in kindergarten and beyond. 

Our playgroup curriculum goes beyond traditional teaching methods to prioritize learning through play and group activities. We provide a stimulating environment where toddlers can explore their surroundings, engage in hands-on activities, and interact with their peers. This approach not only supports their cognitive development but also encourages socialization and creativity.

Key areas in our playgroup curriculum include:

  • Promoting positive peer social interaction

  • Opportunities for basic motor development

  • Exploration-based learning and development

  • Math Readiness (Number Recognition)

  • Language Readiness (Letter Recognition)

  • Promoting cognitive development (Sorting)

  • Physical development though Play

Preparing for Regular School with NEP 2020 Guidelines

The Learning Cottage Playgroup prepares children developmentally and academically for regular elementary schools (age 3 years and above) based on the guidelines of the NEP 2020. The first few years are critical for acquiring skills and brain-based learning. In our playgroup class, young learners develop latent language and math skills, which are core to successful future learning.

Compliant with RTE and NEP Guidelines

At The Learning Cottage, we understand the importance of complying with education standards set forth by the RTE (Right to Education) and NEP (National Education Policy). Our curriculum and programs align closely with these guidelines to ensure that children receive quality education from an early age.

Our Facilities and Features

  • Strategic Location: Conveniently located on SV Road, Borivali, adjacent to Umesh Khanna Clinic.

  • Flexible Booking Options: Choose from hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly plans to suit your schedule.

  • Spacious Facilities: Ample space for children to explore and learn, with dedicated, air-conditioned rooms.

  • Educational Resources: A wide array of educational books and toys to stimulate young minds.

  • Individualized Attention: Best-in-class child-caretaker ratio for personalized care.

  • Nutritious Meal Options: Facilities to store and reheat home-cooked meals and provide nutritious meals.

  • Unmatched Hygiene Standards: High hygiene standards with child and pet-friendly cleaners.

  • CCTV Surveillance: Continuous surveillance for enhanced security.

  • Fire Safety Measures: Equipped with fire extinguishers and regular safety audits.

  • Qualified Staff: ECCED Certified Teachers and dedicated daycare staff.

  • Daily Activity Logs: Detailed daily activity logs and reports for parents.

  • Safe Environment: Secure and child-friendly environment with age-appropriate toys and activities.

Experienced and Qualified Teachers

Our trained teachers are dedicated to providing personalized attention to each child. They are skilled in creating a learning environment that encourages curiosity and creativity. With their expertise, children get the best possible start in their educational journey.

Safe and Stimulating Environment

Safety is our top priority. Our preschool is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a secure and healthy environment for all children. We implement high standards of hygiene and have continuous CCTV surveillance to provide parents with peace of mind. Our preschool playgroup is a safe space where children can explore and learn.

Flexible Programs to Suit Your Needs

We offer flexible programme options to accommodate the schedules of busy parents. Whether you need full-day care or afternoon sessions, our playgroup and playschool can cater to your needs. We understand that each family has unique requirements, and we strive to provide childcare solutions that work for everyone.

Engaging and Comprehensive Learning Experience

Our playgroup and preschool provide a rich educational experience that includes a variety of social activities and structured learning opportunities. Children will engage in activities that promote socialization, attention, and health, ensuring well-rounded development.

Strong Foundation for Future Success

At The Learning Cottage, we aim to prepare children for primary school by building a strong foundation in their early years. Our programs are designed to help children become confident, independent, and ready for formal education. By focusing on overall development, we ensure that children are well-prepared for the challenges of kindergarten and beyond. By integrating RTE and NEP guidelines into our curriculum, we aim to lay a strong foundation for children's future academic success. Through age-appropriate activities and experiences, we help toddlers develop essential skills in numeracy, literacy, and socialization, setting them on the path towards lifelong learning and achievement.

Partnering with Parents

We understand that parents play a crucial role in their child's education journey. That's why we prioritize open communication and collaboration with parents, providing regular updates on their child's progress and offering guidance on how to support learning at home. Together, we can ensure that every child receives the quality education they deserve.

Join The Learning Cottage Community

If you're a parent seeking best preschool near you and a nurturing and supportive environment for your toddler, look no further than The Learning Cottage.


Our playgroup program, aligned with RTE and NEP guidelines, offers the ideal setting for your child to explore, learn, and grow.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your child's early learning journey.

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