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Day Care Services

Exceptional Day Care Services at The Learning Cottage in Borivali, Mumbai

Unlock Exceptional Day Care Center Services at The Learning Cottage in Borivali, Mumbai

Comprehensive Child Care Services for All Age Groups

At The Learning Cottage, we provide high-quality child care services tailored to the needs of infants, toddlers, and young children. Located in Borivali, Mumbai, our day care center is designed to offer a nurturing and stimulating environment for children during the daytime. Our goal is to support the cognitive development, social skills, and overall growth of each child through our carefully structured programs.

Infant Daycare Starting from 3 Months Onwards

We provide specialized infant daycare starting from 3 months onwards and caters to children upto 6 years of age. Our dedicated daycare area ensures that infants receive the highest level of care in a safe and nurturing environment.

Dedicated Daycare Area and Child-Friendly Cots

Our day care centre features a dedicated area with child-friendly cots, ensuring that each child has a comfortable place to rest and sleep.

Convenient Location and Accessible Day Care Centre in Borivali

Our day care centre is strategically situated on SV Road, Borivali, next to Umesh Khanna Clinic, ensuring easy access for drop-offs and pickups. Parents can conveniently leave their children with us, knowing they are in a safe and accessible location, close to major transit routes.

Flexible Booking and Scheduling Options for Busy Parents

We understand the varying needs of working parents. Our day care center offers flexible booking options, including hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly plans. Customize your child care schedule to fit your specific needs and ensure seamless daycare arrangements for your child. Whether you need full-time quality care or just a few hours a day, we have options to suit every family. 

Spacious and Well-Equipped Preschool and Day Care Facilities

Our preschool and day care facility is among the most spacious in Borivali, providing ample room for children to play, learn, and explore. We have dedicated, air-conditioned rooms for day care, creating a structured and secure space specifically designed for child engagement. Our daycare facilities are equipped with modern learning tools and safe play areas to ensure a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for every child.

Age-Appropriate Toys and Activities

We provide a variety of age-appropriate toys and activities to stimulate and young children during the daytime . These activities are designed to support their development and keep them entertained throughout the day.

Educational Resources and Extracurricular Activities

We provide a wide array of educational books, toys, and learning tools to stimulate young minds and support cognitive development. Our daycare program includes various extracurricular activities that foster social skills, creativity, and overall growth. These activities are designed to complement the academic curriculum and provide a well-rounded early childhood education.

Individualized Attention and Best-in-Class Child-Caretaker Ratio

Each child receives personalized attention due to our superior child-caretaker ratio. This ensures that every child at our care center is nurtured, supervised, and cared for adequately, promoting their growth and development. Our commitment to maintaining a low ratio of children to caregivers allows us to provide the highest quality of supervision and care. Our staff is highly qualified and dedicated to providing the best care and supervision for your child. They are trained to handle the needs of young children and ensure their safety and well-being.

Daily Activity Logs and Reports

We maintain daily activity logs and reports to keep parents informed about their child's day. This includes details about meals, activities, and nap times, ensuring parents are always aware of their child’s routine.

Nutritious Meal Options and Home-like Convenience

We offer nutritious meal options for children in our care, along with facilities to store and reheat home-cooked meals. This ensures that children receive healthy and familiar food during their time at our day care center. Proper nutrition is a key part of our program, supporting the physical health and development of infants and young children.

Unmatched Hygiene and Safety Standards

At The Learning Cottage, we prioritize health and safety. Our facility is sanitized regularly using child-friendly cleaners, ensuring a safe environment. We also have continuous CCTV surveillance and are equipped with fire safety measures to provide parents peace of mind. The safety and security of your child are our top priorities.

Multiple Payment Options for Your Convenience

We accept all major credit cards, net banking, and UPI payment modes, offering flexible payment choices for our services. Whether online or in-person, we make it easy for parents to manage payments.

Why Choose The Learning Cottage for Quality Child Care?

Choosing the right childcare provider is crucial for your child’s development and your peace of mind. At The Learning Cottage, we offer a stimulating environment that supports your child’s cognitive development and social skills. Our experienced caregivers are dedicated to providing quality child care and supervision, ensuring that each child thrives. We provide a secure and nurturing care centre where children can grow, learn, and develop essential life skills.

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